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Getting to know Who we are

Hi, I’m Michael Brown- The Founder of Red Fox Wealth.

For the past 18 years, I have encouraged clients to look beyond traditional Wall Street financial advisors, take back control of their wealth, and make their retirement dreams our #1 priority.

Our dream team of financial experts and partners help you navigate the dangerous conditions of Wall Street and the pending economic crisis. We have dramatically increased the net worth for our clients, protecting their money from current stock market corrections, and significantly reduced their taxes with our proven tools and strategies. If you currently have a financial advisor, ask if they have been able to achieve that. No way, Forbes notes the average investment portfolio has lost more than 20% of value and chances are you have taken a big hit or will in the future.


CEO and Founder

We don't believe your financial future should be just handing your money over to the stock market and hoping it works. It's not about diversification, it's about focus. And it's not about complexity. It's about simplification: minimizing risk and optimizing cash flow.

- Michael Brown

The Redfox Wealth Process

Let's have a conversation

Everyone has different financial situations. During our first conversation, we will get to know each other and discover your unique financial goals and what you want out of a retirement plan. The best part is this conversation is completely complimentary.


Next, we will create a detailed and customized financial plan to fit your unique needs and goals. We never push you into products or a financial plan that you do not want. Once again, if you do not feel we are a good fit, we will shake hands and wish you well on your financial future at no cost to you.


Once we have the approved plan and you are happy with our time together, then, and only then, we will discuss welcoming you into the Red Fox Family and begin our professional relationship. This is the time we apply the financial services together and monitor your plan overtime to ensure your retirement is exactly how you want it to be.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to change the way you look at your financial life and believe small business owners, professionals, and retirees deserve the truth when it comes to their financial futures. Our mission began after the 2008 Great Recession, when our founder personally discovered the failure of traditional financial planning and was exposed to the methods of the big Wall Street firms. As much as successful individuals need to create more wealth from their investments, they also need to protect their wealth. Red Fox Wealth understands the weave between investments, tax strategies and estate planning. Our proven financial strategies will guide you through methods to reduce Wall Street volatility, minimize taxes and make sure you never run out of money in retirement. Successful people have complex needs. We are here to address those needs and structure a plan specific to those needs. Multiple stock market crashes, trillions of dollars of debt being added to our Country’s deficit, and the certainty of significant tax increases- only guarantees that our financial futures need to be re-examined. All relationships start with a conversation. We look forward to having a conversation that will guide you to a better financial future.