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At Red Fox Wealth, we specialize in putting your dreams at the center of our process in creating a personal customized Wealth Creation Blueprint. In your blueprint, we offer unique strategies that you will not find elsewhere. This process gives you a roadmap to a successful retirement that you can trust and give you the peace of mind deserved.

A few things to Consider...

Could you run out of money in retirement? According to an Ernst and Young study, 75% of Americans will outlive their savings. This is a scary thought and we will show you how not to become a statistic. Learn how to create cash flow to last the rest of your life.  Protect and guard your savings and retirement like Fort Knox.

We offer cutting-edge and versatile products that not only provide a death benefit but can also accumulate cash value. Examples include whole life insurance, universal life insurance, and variable life insurance. Each type has its own unique characteristics and traits, but the goal for each is to provide your loved ones with a sense of financial security should you die prematurely and also accumulate as much cash value as possible.

Reduce or eliminate interest paid to banks and credit card companies.  Access your money when you need it, regardless of age, without penalties. Enjoy retirement income you will not have to worry about outliving. Be your own bank.  Walt Disney used this technique to fund the construction of Walt Disney World.  Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonald’s used the same process to build the largest fast-food chain in the world and overcame his cash flow problems.

We will send you our groundbreaking report on why the 401(k) is “America’s Greatest Retirement Mistake”. The 401(k) could be one of the worst things to destroy your retirement unless managed correctly. We will show you creative ways to maximize your 401(k) account.

You will learn the “Rule of 20” and how “the rich get richer”.  This simple rule is only offered to the top 1% of clients at traditional Wall Street firms.  The smaller independent financial advisors have NO ACCESS or understanding of these investments. We DO have access to a wide range of superior alternative investments exclusive to our clients.

How to potentially grow your money into double-digit growth, but never lose a penny in the stock market when it crashes.

Take control of your tax liability by putting yourself into a ZERO PERCENT TAX BRACKET in retirement. We are enjoying a historic low tax environment that cannot last with out of control government spending.

Never lose money again during market crashes or corrections due to economic recessions or catastrophes. Rest easy knowing market volatility cannot touch your financial foundation. Find out new ways and methods to protect your money. We live by the investing rules of Warren Buffet, “The first rule of investing is don’t lose money; the second rule is don’t forget Rule No. 1.”

Bank accounts and CD’s aren’t even keeping up with inflation, learn strategies to safely grow your money at a rate that outpaces inflation so you aren’t losing buying power.  Be smart with your money and give it velocity and growth.

Maintain control and access to your money throughout your life without all the red tape of government qualified plans.  Do not let Uncle Sam tell you when to take out or disburse your money. It is your money!

Creating your own

wealth creation blueprint

As a fiduciary financial advisor, Mike takes a custom approach to working with his clients, the goal being a completely customized Wealth Creation Blueprint. For this blueprint, he offers unique products, such as private and real estate investments, that you won’t find elsewhere. He has a specific process that he follows when working with clients that is outlined below.

What we stand for

At RedFox Wealth, you are more than just a number. We work as a financial advisor for business owners, as well as other professionals, because we understand and applaud all of your hard work and dedication.

RedFox Wealth

For the past 18 years, I have encouraged clients to look beyond traditional Wall Street financial advisors, take back control of their wealth, and make their retirement dreams our #1 priority.

- Michael Brown

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Our Mission

Our mission is to change the way you look at your financial life and believe small business owners, professionals, and retirees deserve the truth when it comes to their financial futures. Our mission began after the 2008 Great Recession, when our founder personally discovered the failure of traditional financial planning and was exposed to the methods of the big Wall Street firms. As much as successful individuals need to create more wealth from their investments, they also need to protect their wealth. Red Fox Wealth understands the weave between investments, tax strategies and estate planning. Our proven financial strategies will guide you through methods to reduce Wall Street volatility, minimize taxes and make sure you never run out of money in retirement. Successful people have complex needs. We are here to address those needs and structure a plan specific to those needs. Multiple stock market crashes, trillions of dollars of debt being added to our Country’s deficit, and the certainty of significant tax increases- only guarantees that our financial futures need to be re-examined. All relationships start with a conversation. We look forward to having a conversation that will guide you to a better financial future.