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Now is the time to get your priorities and investing goals on track.  Your top goals should include, reducing debt, invest for retirement, and optimize your tax savings strategy.

If you have children, start saving for college tuition and tax advantage of childcare tax credits. This is also the time to look at your tax-deferred saving options, such as 401(k) plans, IRAs, and other strategies.  It is easy to put off your future financial goals at this age, but now is the time to be thoughtful and strategic planning to ensure your retirement will be the most rewarding years of your life.

You are now in your peak earning years and it’s time to build assets for your future retirement. Not only is the time to build assets, but you should be taking steps to protect your wealth from big mistakes and stock market volatility that could destroy your retirement dreams. Other goals should include, taking a look at your Social Security statement and determine how much retirement income you will need in addition to your projected Social Security benefits. Your fifties are the ideal time to review your financial future and begin implementing a solid plan to achieve your goals.

Your “Golden Years” are in sight and time to prepare to live your retirement dreams that you have been planning. There are some key points to keep in mind.  Should you retire and what is the best time to take Social Security? Take a look at your benefits and decide how to maximize your Social Security payout. Sign up for Medicare and compare benefits and features on the best plans for you. Now is the time you will be taking your Required Minimum Distributions “RMDs” from your retirement investment accounts. The penalties are high if you miss a distribution so make sure you have a plan in place. It is most important at this time to work with your financial advisor to fine-tune your retirement plan and prepare for your hard-earned retirement.

What we stand for

At RedFox Wealth, you are more than just a number. We work as a financial advisor for business owners, as well as other professionals, because we understand and applaud all of your hard work and dedication.

RedFox Wealth

We don't believe your financial future should be just handing your money over to the stock market and hoping it works. It's not about diversification, it's about focus. And it's not about complexity. It's about simplification: minimizing risk and optimizing cash flow.

- Michael Brown

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Our Mission

Our mission is to change the way you look at your financial life and believe small business owners, professionals, and retirees deserve the truth when it comes to their financial futures. Our mission began after the 2008 Great Recession, when our founder personally discovered the failure of traditional financial planning and was exposed to the methods of the big Wall Street firms. As much as successful individuals need to create more wealth from their investments, they also need to protect their wealth. Red Fox Wealth understands the weave between investments, tax strategies and estate planning. Our proven financial strategies will guide you through methods to reduce Wall Street volatility, minimize taxes and make sure you never run out of money in retirement. Successful people have complex needs. We are here to address those needs and structure a plan specific to those needs. Multiple stock market crashes, trillions of dollars of debt being added to our Country’s deficit, and the certainty of significant tax increases- only guarantees that our financial futures need to be re-examined. All relationships start with a conversation. We look forward to having a conversation that will guide you to a better financial future.